Wareika Hill Sounds – No More War EP

I’m late with this one, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. ‘Wareika Hill Sounds’ released the ‘No More War’ EP just over a month ago on Honest Jons Records. Consisting of 4 tracks, each with a theme – hypnotic, thunderous, urgent & mystical – the EP combines values of original dub sounds, and displays them in both a contemporary and reflective fashion.

Each track is totally different from the others, however the EP is tied together by the unmistakable ‘trombone classicism’ throughout (Honest Jons words, not mine). Proceedings begin with the upbeat and infections title track, and the moody ‘Free the People’ and frenetic ‘Universe in Crisis’ are rounded off with perhaps my own personal favourite, the suitably named ‘Chant Rasta’.

Grab a copy from the label’s site right now. If you aren’t convinced by words alone, there is a sample of the EP below.


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