Sun Araw & The Congos

Sun Araw are not an outfit (or should I say Cameron Stallones is not a person) that I can claim to have a great deal of knowledge about. I know they/he makes moody, progressive psychedelic music but other than that I have had to do a fair bit of reading to fully understand this project.

If you want to skip my musings and get the information from the horses mouth you can check out these articles from either Fact Magazine or The Quietus. However from what I can find the origins of this collaboration between Sun Araw and The Congos begins with an already established project. RVNG (label/blog – site here) began releasing a 12″ series called FRKWYS with the aim of combining modern artists with the people that inspired them ‘by way of remix, reinterpretation, and original collaboration’. You can check out the previous releases via the links above, however as you may have guessed the next release in the series is courtesy of Sun Araw and The Congos.

As I mentioned previously I am no expert in the field of  modern atmospheric psych/prog rock, but according to the bands LastFM page they have a pretty eclectic and varied back catalogue:

”Since 2007, 4 full-length LPs, 3 EPs, and 5 cassettes have walked the mind-planes from psychedelic drone to melted afrobeat, from warped dub to minimal composition.”

Needless to say this whole scenario needs exploring further, but for now the focal point is the upcoming release with the reggae legends.
Accompanied on their journey to Jamaica last year by two film makers, the intention is for the visual recording to be released in conjunction with the LP, both of which seem to be dependant on the other. The guys approach to the sessions was also interesting; it seems that they travelled with some loose song structures and ideas in place to give the recordings some focus, and this can only have helped the levels of productivity levels, particularly through all that smoke.

Anyway you can check out a (deep, very detailed and subtly produced) track from the forthcoming release, as well as the film ‘trailer’ (in the loosest possible sense) below. And prepare to hear more about this adventure in the very near future.

ICON EYE (teaser) from RVNG Intl. on Vimeo.


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