Paris DJ’s – Soundway Records 10th Anniversary Series – Part 2 (Batida)

The second of four mixes celebrating the Soundway 10th Anniversary is up, this time from Koduro producer Batida. After signing to Soundway earlier this year and seeing his album (re) released internationally, the Portugese DJ Mpula (Pedro Coquenão) has come through with a selection to remind us of what he is all about…

“I did this mix as did early Batida radio shows: mixing old tunes with new beats. On the old side you have Angolan tunes i choose not based on the artist but on grooves i like, some of i have sampled on Batida tracks and, on the new beats, you have favourite Lisbon producers such as my buddy Beat Laden on an unreleased remix, Marfox with his minimal productions, on a track from his EP, Conductor of Buraka fame, but of Conjunto Ngonguenha fame for me, on an unreleased track he shared, another unreleased remix by Octa Push and some Luandan stars: Kilamu, Dj Znobia and my favourite MC, Bruno M. who promised to feature on a future Batida track as i djed for him on a show. Ending track is a remix by Mauricio Pacheco, a brasilian producer, who picked on a Teta Lando classic with a still inspiring lyric. An anthemn that always gives me chills. Hope you feel it.”

The (relatively short – around 30 minutes) mix stars off on a familiar, up-tempo feel, incorporating a range of sounds that touch on everything from Angolan Koduro to West African Highlife. Mid way through there is a slight blip, where the tempo drops and there is an unimaginative ‘holiday-resort-house’ moment (can I coin that phrase?), but don’t let that put you off. The mood improves again almost instantly with some Cumbia inspired material, and the mandatory slice of Baile Funk.”

The second to last track, an Octopush remix of my favourite Batida track ‘Alegria’, would have been a great way to wrap things up, however not even a strangely positioned Maurício Pacheco hip-hop edit can spoil this mid summer mix. 

Download the mix here, and check out the Paris DJs website for more info. 

Tirei o Chapéu Mixtape
01. Batida – Tirei o Chapéu
02. Musangola – Pé Descalço
03. Demónio King – ?
04. Mamukueno – Rei do Palhetinho
05. Dj Znobia – Waaa
06. Elias Dia Kimuezo – Diala Monzo
07. Conductor – Dancem Até Morrer
08. Sofia Rosa – N’gue Sile Mufunda
09. Batida – Puxa (Beat Laden Remix)
10. Paulo Neto – Tua Ndaleto Kutu
11. Kilamu – Melodia de Semba
12. Matadidi Carlos – A Nossa Terra
13. Bruno M – A Dança dos Komba
14. Dj Marfox – Bit Binary
15. Batida – Alegria (Octapush Remix)
16. Teta Lando – Angolé (Maurício Pacheco Remix)


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