Music From Saharan Cellphones

Although this may be old news to many people, my attention was drawn to this compilation via the Kickstarter website and I thought it was too good to pass by.

The basic story behind the release can be found here in much more detail, and from the horses mouth in the video below. The double tape on offer is essentially a snapshot of the music that is popular throughout west Africa, and which was compiled by trawling through the collections of music on peoples mobile phone memory cards. A particular highlight for me is the supposedly unreleased Tinariwen track which opens proceeding.

On top of the basic idea behind the LP, the way it was promoted and released is equally ingenious. The Kickstarter site prides itself on being the ”worlds largest funding platform for creative projects”. Whilst there are many different types of product looking for funding on the site, the format it employs made it possible for the creators of the album to introduce different tiers of payment, and subsequently varying standards of product on offer. For example, the cheapest contribution that can be made is $3 and for this the customer simply revieves a digital copy of the release. However, for $1000 Christopher Kirkley (the creator of the album) promises to ”come anywhere in the continental US and DJ a party for you with sounds from the archives of mp3s collected from cellphones”. This is also in addition to the contributor recieving all sorts of physical and digital products relating to the LP for their price.

The compilation is available all over the internet for free, but please do the right thing and buy it (at the price you choose) at the original and official outlet here. 

Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1

side A:
01 – Group Anmattaf – Tinariwen (Tamaransett, Algeria)
02 – Hasso Akotey – Amidinine (Niger)
03 – Mdou Moctar – Tahoultine (Niger/Nigeria)
04 – Koudede – Souveniram (Niger)
05 – Hamdawa – Salaouat Nabina (Meknes, Morocco)
06 – Cheb Hamza and Cheba Wasila (Morocco)

side B:
01 – Kaba Blon – Moribayassa (Bamako, Mali)
02 – ?
03 – Yeli Fuzzo – Abande (Bamako, Mali)
04 – ?
05 – Joskar and Flamzy – Faroter (Ivory Coast)
06 – Aminata Wassidje – Tamala (Dire, Mali)
07 – Papito feat. Iba One – Yereyira (Bamako, Mali)

Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2

side A:
01 – Mdou Moctar – Niger
02 – Mouma Bob – Imidi
03 – Amanar – Alghafiat
04 – Fenomenal – Mix
05 – Polisario
06 – Unknown Polisario Group – Moubedah

side B
01 – DJ Mystral and DJ Siril – Pekele
علي سيدح عبدي فون –  02  
03 – Yalah (Alpha Blondy cover in Arabic)
04 – Lakal Kaney – Soul Tamasheq
05 – Njib Ould N’Ghaimich – Guetna
06 – Polisario unknown
07 – Bayta Ag Bay – Aicha

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