Les Grands Colombia Du Peuple & Stanley Murphy – Dans Becheke Pi

Whilst the vast majority of releases covered on here tend to be based on ‘new’ music, sometimes there is a need to share something for no particular reason other than it being good. In this case, ‘Dans Becheke Pi’ is a highlife/funk LP from the Ivory Coast, plucked from obscurity by the wonderful ‘Ghost Capital’ blog. Existing with the sole aim of ”sharing the love of rare, under-appreciated and oddball music of many kinds” via ”…offering album rips – gratis – mostly from vinyl”, the project deserves much respect and attention.

The outstanding album of the moment taken from Ghost Capital (perhaps mainly for its instant impact) comes from Stanley Murphy, backed by ‘Les Grands Colombia Du Peuple’. In particular the final track on the LP – entitled ‘Zapin’ – has fast become a personal favourite.

Check out the site when you have some time to spare. There is a lot of very obscure material on there, and you may find yourself whiling away the hours. Before you do that though, have a listen to the track mentioned.


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