How Music Travels – The Evolution of Western Dance Music

So after a (completely involuntary) hiatus from anything at all fresh or new, I thought it would be nice to get back in to the swing of things slowly. First up (in what will essentially be an incoherent and random collection of posts) is an amazing interactive and animated map documenting the origins of modern, western dance music. More specifically, it claims that everything we know and love about the music of today originated in one place.

Whilst this may not strictly be a post about a particular artist, track or genre, I feel it is definitely worth a mention. Not only is there a still image of the complete journey (shown above), you can also check out the way things evolve over time at the creators website here. Put together by none other than Thomson UK (I know), the journey begins with the amalgamation of traditional African sounds with Western and West Indian folk music. Moving up into North America sees the introduction of Blues, Jazz and R&B in the early part of the 20th century.

As we advance into more recent times (50’s onwards) the whole thing becomes a lot more hectic, however do take a look for yourself, and feel free to scrub back and forth along the timeline to get your head around things.

You can view the original site here. 

Thanks to OkayAfrica for the information.

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