EXBERLINER – Africa in Berlin Issue – ATFA Mix

Exberliner is an English language magazine focusing on cultural points of interest in the city of Berlin. Their September issue is entitled ‘Africa in Berlin’, and focuses on many aspects of African influence, residents and activities in and around the city.

In honour of the on-off issue, Brian Shimkovitz of Awesome Tapes from Africa put together a mix for the magazine. As per ususal with anything related to the ATFA blog, the mix spans a variety of eras and genres despite the fact that it is only 30 minutes long and made up of 8 tracks.

My favourite new discovery from the selection is without a doubt ‘Sangoma’ by ‘Yvonne Chaka Chaka’ – an 80’s inspired disco track, with some very powerful female vocal lines. Keep your eye out for the surprise at the end of the mix though – the title should give you a clue before you have heard it.

ATFA – Africa in Berlin Mix
1. Ndiogou Seck “Interesse +”
2. Georges Ouedraogo “Cherie Koko”
3. Orchestre Régional de Ségou “Macoroba”
4. Yvonne Chaka Chaka “Sangoma”
5. Lamissa Bengali “Jema Yiri”
6. Essiham Track 1
7. Visage “Fuuta”
8. Joloko “In the Air Tonight”


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