The 7th release on Dan Snaith’s (AKA Daphni) has been announced, and although the details are pretty scarce we do know that the artist goes by the name of  ‘XITSONGA DANCE’. It is also apparent that this monkier is the latest project from Shangaan Electro mastermind Richard Mthetwa (AKA Nozinja) (AKA Dog).

Both the A-side (Heke Heke) and B-Side (Hoza) can be heard in part via the soundcloud link below. Without giving too much away, this news is exciting for at least two reasons. Not only is it an update in the Jialong series that began over a year a go with Daphni’s take on ‘Cos Ber Zam’s’ ‘Ne Noya’, it is also new material from the man behind perhaps one of the most seminal releases in recent times.


Thanks to Max le Daron who rightly pointed out that the A-side on this 12″ references (very strongly) a track on the original Shangaan Electro LP. ‘Nwa Pfundla’ by ‘Tshetsha Boys’ has had some what of a re-working by ‘Dog’ for the next release in the series. Check the original below…


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