Witch – Kuomboka

Witch_Kuomboka_LP_Cover 88_NOredbrickfullZam-Rock stalwarts ‘Witch’s’ foray in to the worlds of Disco and Boogie have been documented on these very pages in recent weeks. Thanks to Invisible City Editions some of the more adventurous aspects of their discography are being reissued, and the focus has now moved on to their 1984 release ‘Kuomboka’.

There’s a broad range of moods on the LP, but the rustic approach the band were forced to adopt ties the tracks together. The more infectious and up-tempo moments understandably provide immediate impact, but there’s no doubt the more emotive soul inspired material warrants just as much interest. Both  ‘Kuomboka’ and the ‘Movin’ On’ re-issue that preceded it are nothing short of essential.

Check out excerpts of each of the 8 tracks on the release below, and head over to Rush Hour to get your hands on the real thing.


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