Tusesday Born – Mocking Bird EP

‘The Busy Twist’s’ Gabriel Benn is slowly but surely becoming better known as being a very tidy producer in his own right. Under his ‘Tuesday Born’ moniker, he has followed up the Kwabena single with the freshly released ‘Mocking Bird EP’.
Part broken beat, part garage, and all the while remaining warm and soulful, the latest offering could well be pooled with the raft of modern electronic music being made right now (which- for want of a better explanation – may or may not be classed as post/future garage/dubstep). However, there is certainly a much more organic feel to the material involved. Also, as with previous material (from either guise) the tracks and source material have been inspired by adventures in West Africa – specifically Ghana- and the the material has been constructed with a suitably appropriate soundboard.
The immediate conclusion to draw may be the dominance of the African/organic influences on display in previous material, but this would be doing the production skills and even ‘songwriting’ talent a huge injustice. More notably, it definitely becomes apparent that the artist (Gabriel Benn) is a very competent and articulate producer and pianist.
The EP came out this week (Monday 10th December) on the Peoples Ear label – which as far as I can tell has been founded by the duo that combine to form The Busy Twist, with the intention of getting their own music heard. For this, they should also be congratulated.
Check out the title track ‘Mockingbird’ below, and head over to the Tuesdays Born bandcamp page to get your own copy digitally.


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