Tuesday Born – Kwabena

Tuesday Born‘ is London producer Gabriel Benn, who is probably better known as one half of ‘The Busy Twist‘. Following on from the release of his ‘Mockingbird’ EP you can now hear ‘Kwabena’, another broken slice of production with its influences firmly rooted in West Africa. 
Residing over a subtle, skittish beat, the organ lines and vocal samples are spliced together to create a mysterious yet thoroughly enjoyable 4 minutes. The subtle bassline is a constant throughout, and whilst it may be the most modern element of the track the vocals and percussion are a subtle reminder of the undoubtedly African influences. The track in general is pretty sparse, and is definitely something to be included in either the early evening or early morning set as opposed to a rammed dance floor at peak hours. 
‘Kwabena’ (backed with ‘Minor Jam’) is out on 5th November via Audio Doughnuts


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