The Whole Truth – Don’t Tell Me No Lies EP

The_Whole_Truth_Mo_Kolours_Lewis_Heriz_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_Blog‘Don’t Tell Me No Lies’ is the second release and firs EP from the anonymous project entitled ‘The Whole Truth’. Released at the end of July, it follows on from ‘Gimme Your Love’ which was the ‘debut’ single from the apparently ‘unknown’ artist.

Both releases find their feet in the world of what might be traditionally referred to as ‘dub’, but to simply tag the immaculate and adventurous productions as a form of reggae would be doing them a huge injustice. Elements of house, techno and p-funk  are all underpinned by a heavy amount of reverberation and fairly constant 60 bpm tempo.

Mo Kolours features on the EP’s opening (and title) track bringing his perfectly suited and equally effortless flow to the meandering, wobbling production. Additionally the striking artwork for the release comes from the one and only Lewis Heriz – friend of the blog and one of the finest illustrators in the land. You can grab a copy of the release in an array of formats right here. Additionally please excuse the Spotify link below. I could’t find any other way of embedding the tracks for you to check out straight away.


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