The Rhythmagic Orchestra

Ben Lamdin (Nostalgia 77) and Hugo Mendez (Sofrito) first got together back in 2006 with the idea of initiating a recording session that would bring together a select few modern musicians covering some of their favourite Afro/Latin/Tropical/Funk classics.

At the time ‘Rhythmagic Orchestra’ released a 12″ containing three tracks, but 5 years have passed since then and the project has once again reared its head.

You can buy the finished LP (in a bundle that also contains an LP by Jazz Singer ‘Sara Mitra’) over at the Etch Shop (link here), with the releases limited to 500 presses and cut on 180gsm vinyl. Additionally you can listen to the thre original tunes at the link below (which also featured on the ‘Impossible Ark’ labels compilation ‘A Compilation”).

The songs below have a distinctly Latin flavour to them, but I am hyped to see how the sound might have evolved since the ideas conception.

Check the tracks out here.


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