Surinam! – Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dance Floors (’76 – ’83)

As far as obscure compilation titles go this one is up there, but don’t let that get in the way of what is just a really accessible and fun filled selection. Compiled with the aim of collating the sporadic funk tracks released during the period, the selection is comprised of around 6 artists, with a couple of tracks included from some.

Whether this is just my own outlook or not I don’t know, but after experiencing an influx of Afrobeat and then Highlife compilations and re-issues, the focus now seems to be on Disco tracks from in/around Africa and South America. The recent Kiki Gyan LP and Supafrico series (vinyl only) are testament to this, and if so the ‘Surinam…’ compilation can be considered a proud member of this lineage.

I initially hesitated posting about this release, mainly because I felt that I had ‘missed the boat’, but listen after listen persuaded me otherwise. The blend of tempos, styles and influences (from straight disco, to funk, and the odd select reggae bassline) proved too much to ignore – I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dance Floors (’76 – ’83)
Kindred Spirits

1. Alwin Reingoud – Sweet Dream
2. Erwin Bouterse and the Group Roetoe – Disco Party
3. Erwin Bouterse and the Group Roetoe – Groovy Weekend
4. Solat – Try Try Try
5. Solat ft. Billy Jones – You Are Gonna Miss Me
6. Sumy – Funkin In Your Mind
7. Sumy – Going Insane
8. Sumy – Soul With Milk
9. Thunderstorm – Here’s To You
10. Usje Sukatma – Waiting For Your Love


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