Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos (Cont’d)

Back in January, I laid down a few words about the (then forthcoming) collaboration between Sun Araw and The Congos which was orchestrated by the RVNG  project. Since then there has been a fair bit of activity from all of the guys involved, incorporating many different forms of media.

Although the album was actually released on 18th April I have only got around to checking it out recently, and even then it is what you might call a ‘grower’ (mainly due to the nature of the artists involved, and the style of production). This is not to say that it is at all disappointing – quite the opposite in fact – I am now of the opinion that my late take up of the full ‘LP’ (it is only 6 tracks and an intro) caused me to listen in a more relaxed manner, and I fully believe my experience has been improved because of this.

I want to keep my own opinions on the record to a minimum in this post – just rest assured that if you bear with the record and give it the time it deserves, the subtlety and detail involved will ensure the grooves that are there to be found become apparent soon enough.

Following on from the albums release, the bands have been promoting the new material as expected. Last week saw them (I believe) debut the LP’s live show at the Barbican. I was not fortunate enough to get there myself, but those who were assure me it was a site (and sound) to behold.

Additionally, both bands have been doing their fair share of promotional goodness in the wake of the release. First up was the Sun Araw Boiler Room appearance and stream of the projects feature length film, Icon Eye.  You can check out the ‘flyer’ for the event below, as well as the trailer for the extremely insightful film itself. Director Tony Lowe made an appearance at the broadcast, and the Sun Araw guys also played some tracks afterwards as ‘Duppy Gun‘, their reggae/dancehall moniker.

Following on from that, there was another Boiler Room appearance yesterday, this time with just The Congos. After a short chat there was a short acapella set for those lucky enough to be up inside (myself included).

Do keep your eye on the Boiler Room site over the coming days – there is likely to be a fair bit of content from each night focusing on each act, and the project as a whole.   

Last but not least, the girls from Papillon are hosting the Sun Araw guys under their ‘Duppy Gun’ moniker this week at the Dalston Social. The flyer and details are below, and it is free entry so get yourself down.

8 Stoke Newington Road, N167XN


And finally, do get your self a copy of the album. You should check it out purely on the basis that it unites two totally contrasting sounds and cultures – let alone the fact that it is actually really very good.


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