Stephen Encinas – Disco Illusion

Stephen_Encinas_Disco_Illusion_Invisible_City_Edition_Tumble_Weave_Tumble_Weave_BlogThe second vinyl re-issue on the Invisible City Editions label (the first is here) was released in October this year. Recorded and released in 1979  towards the end of the disco era, Stephen Encinas’ ‘Disco Illusion’ was left forgotten for 34 years until the founders of the ‘ICE‘ label stumbled across a copy in the records native Trinidad. Its re-release was so well received back in October the tracks come with the highest possible endorsements from some of the most tasteful selectors and fervent diggers around.

This fantastic testimony from the man himself at the time of re-issue goes in to much more detail about the mood at the time the tracks were recorded, as well as the efforts made by the guys when attempting to convince him that a re-press was a sensible suggestion. As well as the reflective nature of the comments, Encinas also mentions the imminent release of a full LP in 2014 – something we are all going to have to keep our ears to the ground for.

Until then the two tracks on the ‘Disco Illusion’ 12″ will have to do. As with the Michael Boothman  release, the Stephen Encinas re-issues are completely sold out. However keep your eye on the online store in case more become available.


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