Spiritual Jazz 5 (The World) – Jazzman Records

Spiritual_Jazz_5_Jazzman_Records_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogFor once I’m not late to the party with this one. The reason it’s taken so long to flag this compilation to any unsuspecting listeners is because I can’t stop listening to it. As the latest in the (lengthening) line of Spiritual Jazz compilations on Jazzman Records, the 5th edition has in my mind instantly taken on the mantle as the greatest.

Whether or there are any more to be announced is a question I would love to pose as much as anyone, but if this is the finale, it’s a grand one. Some of these tracks are like nothing i’ve heard before, and are some of the most intriguing arrangements I can remember being exposed to. Louiz Banks ‘Song For My Lady’, Oladepo Ogomodede’s version of ‘Take 5′ and Chivo Borraro’s ‘Half and Half’ are all as ridiculous as one another. However it’s the (previously featured and highly anticipated) ‘Mezare Israel’ Jazz Workshop track that is the highlight of what is an essential collection of incredible arrangements from around the world.

You can read more about the compilation on the label’s site, and grab your own copy right here. A wax copy is vital.


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