Soundway Records – Joni Haastrup & Monomono

This week saw the re-issue of 3 records by Joni Haastrup and/or his Monomono band on Soundway (in conjunction with Tummy Touch Records).

‘First’ up is the debut release from Haastrup’s ‘Monomono‘ entitled ‘Give The Beggar a Chance’. Originally released in 1972 having been written in London and recorded in Lagos, you can check out a couple of tracks below.

Give The Beggar a Chance

1. Give the beggar a Chance
2. Ema kowa lasa ile wa
3. The world might fall over
4. E je ‘A Mura Sise
5. Find Out
6. Lida Lou
7. Kenimania

Vinyl Bonus Tracks

A: Adele
B1: Wake Up The Dead Onez
B2: Layipo


Next up is the follow up to ‘Give the Beggar a Chance’, released in 1974. You can check out a track from the ‘Dawn of Awareness’ LP here via Soundcould.

Dawn of Awareness

1. Plain Fighting (Your life is what you make of it)
2. Ipade Aladun
3. Get Yourself Together
4. Awarenes Is Wot You Need

5. Make Them Realise (Everybody’s gotta be free)
6. Tire

Vinyl Bonus Tracks

A: Water Pass Gari Pts 1 & 2 edited together
B: Kenimania (7″ version)

After returning to London, Haastrup recorded and released his solo LP ‘Wake Up Your Mind’. You can check out a track from the album after the track list.

Wake Up Your Mind

1. Free My People
2. Greetings
3. Wake Up Your Mind
4. Champions & Superstars
5. Do the Funkro
6. Watch Out

During the 1970’s, Ginger Baker (of ‘Cream’ fame) travelled to Africa, set up a stuio, and recorded material with some of the greatest musicians around at the time. Perhaps the most notable contributor to his expedition was Fela Kuti, however Joni Haastrup also got in on the act. Below, you can see an incredible video of a jam session reocrded taken from the documentary ‘Ginger baker in Africa‘ which features some amazing footage of the pair playing together.


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