Soundway Records: Ahyewa 12"

Yet another piece of gold from Soundway is on its way, but this time there are some very special names contributing to the edits that make up the release.

The A-side to the release is the ‘Hide and Smile’ edit, which is the duo consisting of some more familiar names in the form of Miles Cleret (Soundway) and Frankie Francis (Sofrito). Additionally, side B contains two new edits from the mighty Will Holland (a.k.a Quantic).

The title track (and A-side) is a K.Frimpong number, which has apparently been re-worked down from its original 35 minute form. If you previously aware of this particular highlife/funk master, you can check out two other tracks he was responsible for here and here.

More information (along with a snippet of each track on the record) can be found at the labels page for the release, and judging purely by the samples on offer it seems that there is something of a trump card waiting in the form of a deep, rolling edit by Quantic of a song called ‘Joy’ by a band called The Cranes.


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