Sofrito – ‘Sound of Cape Verde’ EP

Sofrito_Cap_Verde_Cabo_Verde_Island_Series_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogIt’s been a while since the last Sofrito release, let alone the last edit or 12″. Considering the standards maintained by Hugo Mendez and co. on their EP’s, it goes without saying that any news from the Sofrito camp should be considered good. Word has now filtered through of the most recent addition to their tropical discography, and last week saw the official release of what appears to be the first in a (potentially long) line of EP’s celebrating the music of islands across the planet.

First up is Cape Verde (or República de Cabo Verde as it is now to be referred to as), which is featured on the ‘Sound of Cape Verde’ EP. Comprised of 3 tracks from artists including Dionisio Maio, Bulimundo and Os Kings, each selection is as frantic and motivational as the last.

Without going in to to much detail, this is yet another essential release from the godfathers of the tropical edit. With the expertly curated and edited set of dancefloor hits to date, the final impression is one tinged with anticipation as to where in the world we will be transported to next.

Sounds of Cape Verde EP
A1: Dionisio Maio – Corpim Sabe (Alma Negra Edit)
B1: Bulimundo – Santo Antòni La Belèm (Hide & Smile Edit)
B2: Os Kings – Minino Na Tchora


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