Sonzeira – Brasil Bam Bam Bam

Sonzeira_Brasil_Brazil_Bam_Tumbleweave_Tumble_Weave_BlogSonzeira is the name given to the band brought together by Brownswood Recordings founder Gilles Peterson. Recorded in Rio de Janiero throughout January, they are the result of a project that brought together many of the finest Brazilian musicians alive today.

The list of contributing artists is both long and prestigious. Some are household names, others require a certain amount of passion for Brazilian music to understand their significance. One thing they do all have in common is a mutual respect for the way Gilles has gone about instigating the project and bringing it to life. As Jorge Ben rightly states in the teaser, it’s one thing to go to another culture to record their music, but it takes a certain amount of knowledge to do it in a respectful and tsateful manner.

To quote the man himself…”This has been the most fulfilling, challenging and exciting project i’ve ever undertaken…. and I think it shows”. 

‘Brasil Bam Bam Bam’ is due out on 19th May, and will be the first release on ‘Talkin’ Loud’ in over 10 years. Check out the video below, take a look at the project’s website, and pre-order the record right here. 

The whole world will revolve around Brazil this summer for the biggest 4 weeks in the football calendar, and the soundtrack is right under their noses.


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