Sofrito – Super Singles (Highlife Underground EP)

Following on from an earlier post which previewed the forthcoming ‘Highlife Underground’ EP on Sofrito, both tracks have now been made available to stream over at the labels website.

First up is the Drum Talk remix of ‘Mpese Mpese Theme’ by the ‘Mpese Mpese Band’ – a ‘track’ that apparently once took the form of a group of songs that spanned almost 20 minutes (and the whole side of an LP). The newer version takes the deep, electronic vibe form the rhythm section, blending it with the highlife guitars with a production style much more suitable for the modern dancefloor. It’ll definitely be exciting to see what else is in store from this particular artist.

And last, but as always by no means least, is the contribution to the release from the Sofrito boys themselves. ‘Canadoes Dance Band’s’ ‘Fine Woman’ has taken a seeing to in the manner that we have come to expect from these guys. The lively traditional vibe that goes hand in hand with any Sofrito production is as always ever present, and I cannot wait to find myself attempting to chuck some shapes to it as soon as possible. Enjoy…


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