Sofrito – Super Singles (Highlife Underground EP) (Preview)

The next episode in the always hotly anticipated Super Singles series from Sofrito is imminent, and seems to have taken a very different direction to its predecessors. ”Mpese Mpese Band – Mpese Theme” was originally the whole first side of an LP which consisted of a medley of tracks (read more on the Sofrito site here). Taking on board the fact that having a single track this long is far from ideal, the guys have enlisted the help of DrumTalk who has created a remix of the sounds from that LP. You can check out some photos from the ‘making ‘of’ the track and vinyl below…

The original is synonymous with the modern (and slightly electronic) highlife created more recently than the classics of the 70’s. Whilst it may originally be extremely long, the 3 minute snip on the Sofrito site is full of magic, and makes me want to sit down and soak up the full ‘version’. The remix however, is a totally different beast. Whilst some elements of the melody remain, the end product is extremely close to being a dance floor track that shares its structure and tempo with the house music of today.

As always, Sofrito have kept things extremely fresh on this installment, and will surely keep putting out the kind of release that keeps people moving for a long time to come.

You can listen to the original – which does not appear on the release – and the DrumTalk remix here at the labels website.


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