Sofrito – Super Singles 009 (Esnard Boisdur vs Frankie Francis & Simbad)

Esnard_Boisdur_Soufwans_Frankie_Francis_Simbad_Sofrito_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogSofrito is a label that deserves to be held in the very highest regards, maintaining the very highest standards through their releases, mixtapes and parties. The ‘Super Singles’ series in particular is the series of releases that has produced some of the most seminal re-edits in recent years.

Therefore news of the 9th in the Super Singles series comes served with a huge dose of anticipation. This time it’s the turn of Esnard Boisdur to have his 1991 track ‘Soufwans’ is given the tropical dancefloor treatment by The Carvery‘s very own Frankie Francis and friend of the Sofrito family Simbad. Another (typical) example of the label reaching to the furthest corner of the globe for refreshing and previously unheard sounds, Esnard Boisdur is one of the most respected voices in the ‘Gwo Ka’ style, a genre and tempo associated with the islands of Guadeloupe.

Check out both sides of the record below, and once you’ve heard enough you can grab your own copy at the Sofrito site. 


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