Sinkane – Runnin’ (with remixes)

Following on from his first solo release earlier this year, Sinkane made his second single available earlier today. ‘Runnin’ is available here through Bandcamp, and the full release includes an instrumental version and two remixes, the highlight of which has to be (the mighty) Daphni’s.

The lead track seems to take its influences from a more current place, with the main mans vocal comfortably flowing over a deep bass groove supported by some very tidy chord progression and all round structure.

The Daphni remix, around 5 minutes longer than the original it samples, is yet another example of the Caribou man’s eclectic, care free attitude. This particular edit is perhaps more minimal than the previous tracks, but it too is another extremely impressive example of his ability to take inspiration from a more traditional scene and re-work things with a huge outcome.

At the moment the only place you can buy the ‘EP’ is digitally via the Bandcamp page, but it can also be streamed right now below.

Shout outs also go to the Photoshop don who put together the cover art. Very nice indeed.


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