Shango – Lord Nelson

As if Soundway haven’t been releasing enough new music recently, this ‘little’ edit somehow managed to slip under the radar. Released on the 9th July, the A-Side of ‘SNDW12010′ contains just the original (which you can hear below).

Whilst the original is a fairly basic arrangement, the combination of the undoubtedly tribal percussion, layered chanting and with a lead vocal from Robert ‘Lord’ Nelson that is almost dictatory in style, the track is not short of attitude.

On the flip side is the Daniel Haaksman & DJ Beware remix (Daniel Haaksman being the founder of Man Recordings – a Berlin based record label).  Staying fairly true to the original in terms of feel and arrangement, the main thing that has been manipulated by the production pair is the structure. Given a more dance floor friendly and ‘house’ orientated feel, this remix is exactly what I am all about right now. 

Get yourself over to the Soundway online store to pick up your own copy right now, whether it be digitally or on wax. 


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