Shangaan Electro – Remixes

Another example of a crossover between African and ‘Western’ styles, and another post that may not be to everyones tastes. But we aren’t here to please everybody all the time…

‘Shangaan Electro’ is a compilation of ‘new wave dance music from South Africa’ that was released via Honest Johns earlier this year. The sound is pretty hard, and the tempo is high, but it is an amazing insight in to some of what’s going on in Africa right now.

A personal favourite of mine when the compilation was released (and a track that seemed to go down elswhere) was ‘Nwagezani My Love’ by ‘Zinja Hiungwani’, which you can check out below. .

Following on from the compilations release, it seems that the tracks have had an impact over here. Later on this summer, and as a part of 5 Shangaan Electro 12″‘s from Honest Jon’s, will see the release of 3 remix EP’s and a further two containing original material from some of the scene’s stars.

If you go to the link here on the Honest Jon’s website, you can preview some of the remixes that are due for release (just click each EP title and select the artist). Needless to say, the fact that names such as Ricardo Villalobos and Peverelist are involved means that this is worth keeping an eye out for.

Tiyiselani Vomaseve - EP
A1. Votswelani
B1. Mbilu
B2. Papa Vata Vuya Rini

Tshetsha Boys – EP
A1. Anidyi Nyama
B1. Mahala
B2. Raxa Remix

Mark Ernestus Meets BBC
A1. Mark Ernestus Meets BBC
B1. Version

Oni Ayhun, Anthony Shake Shakir Meet Shangaan Electro And BBC
A1. Anthony Shake Shakir meets BBC
B1. Oni Ayhun Meets Shangaan Electro

Ricardo Villalobos-Max Loderbauer, Peverelist Meet Tsetsha Boys
A1. Ricardo Villalobos-Max Loderbauer meet Tshetsha Boys
B1. Peverelist meets Tshetsha Boys


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