Rots Manuva – Banana Skank EP

After almost a year out, the man Rodney Smith is back. Officially out today, the Banana Skank EP is the first glimpse of new material from Mr Manuva in some time.

The yellow vinyl (image above) was actually available at the Ninja Tune  stall during this years Independent Label Market. However, it is only now getting a general release. Check out samples of each track below, all showcasing what is apparently an indicator of the sparse material anticipated for 2013.

For those that know me personally, I see Roots Manuva as being up there with pretty much any other UK artist making music in the last 10 years. Whether you agree with this or not is up to you, but do check out the tracks either way. And get yourself a physical copy if you can – talent like Rodney’s doesn’t deserve to be drowned out by the abundance of shit pop that is so readily available.

Banana Skank EP

1. Natural Featuring Kope (Clean Edit)
2. Banana Skank (Wafa Remix)
3. Banana Skank Part 2
4. Party Time Featuring Kope (Clean Edit)


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