Prince Fatty Presents… Hollie Cook in Dub

Hollie Cook released her self titled debut album in the summer of last year. Whilst I was familiar with it at the time, I never really gave the whole thing a proper listen. I think this might have been because of the squeaky clean, over produced feel that I was getting at the time.

However, Mr Bongo have now announced that the album has been re-worked in classic dub fashion by London based producer Prince Fatty. Although my initial impressions of the original album by Hollie Cook were not as positive as I had hoped, I have come around to the fact that it is a well rounded reggae album from a singer with a very good voice. However, ‘Hollie Cook in Dub’ takes the originals to a much more interesting, and seemingly authentic level (this might also be a contributing factor to my re-visiting the original).

“The dub versions showcase real tape echoes, heavy spring reverbs and alternate instrumental elements such as melodica, percussion or horns that were hidden in the vocal versions. All the dubs are mixed live in my studio in the same rub-a-dub style as was made famous in ‘70s Jamaica by King Tubby and others, i.e not with the use of computers for automation and endless digital nonsense but with fingers, late night vibes and re-arranged with a razor blade!”

Prince Fatty, 2012

Personal highlights (for what it is worth) are the re-workings of ‘For Me You Are’ (which you can hear below), ‘Milk & Honey Dub’, and a version – which seems to have appeared from nowhere – of The Whispers ‘And The Beat Goes On’. Incorporating a slight hint of the original throughout, the version has its own subtle string section, arrangement and vocal take that result in a sure fire dance hall hit.

Getting to know this album for the summer might not be such a bad idea. The combination of the classic dub styles with (what was previously perhaps the overly innocent) vocals make for some very nice sunshine listening indeed. Get over to Mr Bongo records to pick up your own copy.

Hollie Cook in Dub
01. Shadow Dub
02. Used to Be Dub
03. That Very Night Dub
04. And The Beat Goes On Dub
05. Crying Dub
06. For Me You Are Dub
07. Milk & Honey Dub
08. Baby Dub
09. Walking in the Sand Dub
10. Sugarwater Dub


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