Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia

Tigers Milk is a brand new label focusing solely on Peruvian music that has been in the pipeline for some time. After first hearing about the project last year it’s good to get some concrete news on their first release. It’s only now we know that November will see the ‘Peru Maravilloso’ compilation land, focusing on rare cumbia, guaracha and electronic chicha from 60’s and 70’s Peru.

The latest offering from the forthcoming compilation is Lucho Neves ‘Mambo De Machaguay’. Initially a seemingly run of the mill mambo/salsa track, the magic of the leading piano line becomes more and more apparent (and completely addictive) after each listen.

According to the press release, ‘All of the tracks included have been specially re-mastered from their original 7” and 12” formats and have never been released since their original press in Peru’. Whilst this could be an attribute applied to any compilation of traditional music, on this occasion it adds further weight to the fact that this is the first of its kind to focus on this location and period.

You can also check out Juaneco y su Combo’s ‘La Cumbia Del Pacurro’ below. Without being quite as quaint as ‘Mambo De Machaguay’, it’s far more rugged and provoacative in it’s style and gives some idea of the range of genres on offer.

Needless to say Tigers Milk are a welcome addition to the scene. You can check out their Facebook and Soundcloud pages here, and pre-order the LP via Bandcamp. 

Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia

01. Lucho Neves y su Orquesta – “Macho de Machaguay”
02. Chango y su Conjunto – “Salsa 73″
03. Juaneco y su Combo – “La Cumbia del Pacurro”
04. Los Zheros – “Para Chachita”
05. Pedro Miguel y sus Maracaibos – “Piraña”
06. Paco Zambrano y su Combo – “Meshkalina”
07. Los Gatos Blancos – “El Chacarero”
08. Zulu – “Sueño de Amor”
09. Los Orientales – “Bailando en La Campiña”
10. John Benny y Los Ribereños – “Trinan Las Golondrinas”
11. Los Ecos – “Me Siento Feliz”
12. Lucia Cruz – “Toro Mata”
13. Manzanita y su Conjunto – “El Zambito Rumbero”
14. Félix Martinez y sus Chavales – “La Gallina”
15. Aniceto y sus Fabulosos – “Los Fabulosos en Onda”
16. Los Zheros – “Descarga De Los Zheros” (vinyl only)


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