Pedestrian – Kalakuta & Ndizi

After a fairly lengthy wait, news has landed of Pedestrian’s ‘Kalakuta’ which it appears is due for release on 29th July via 2nd Drop Records. A track that has been a long time coming (early previews and snippets have been doing the rounds for some time) it’s refreshing to hear that it’s finally on the way.

The A-side on the release is quite something. Whilst there is currently an abundance of Afro-infused production readily available for those that way inclined, it is seemingly fairly easy to blend genres with little or no sensitivity. Kalakuta however does just the opposite. Taking it’s name from the ‘republic‘ of the same name (the moniker given to his personal compound by Fela Kuti himself) it is an exquisitely arranged piece of dancefloor business. With both subtlety and ingenuity in abundance, slices of percussion flutter around organic surges of low end frequencies, providing the perfect platform for the dissected vocal line.

B-side ‘Ndizi’ is a footwork inspired roller that is more than reminiscent of the days when drum and bass left jungle behind and brought a new-found grit to the dancefloor. Drawing from the sounds of early ‘V’ and ‘Ram Records’ productions, this slice of filth fit for the late night heads is the perfect compliment to its partner in crime.

Check out the snippets below, and make sure you pick up your own copy later this month.

29th July 2013
2nd Drop Records

A. Kalakuta
AA. Ndizi


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