Paris DJ’s – Soundway Records 10th Anniversary Series – Part 4 (Quantic)

Following on from the first three parts in the series of mixes to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Soundway Records (with Miles Cleret, Batida and Chris Menist all contributing to the occasion) the 4th part is now available from the Paris DJs site. 

A short selection (26 minutes) of purely Cumbia 78’s (presumably all sourced locally by the man himself) the selection is obviously a very traditional one. Personally I was never a huge fan of all things Latin/South American until relatively recently, however you cannot fail to admire the amount of effort that Will Holland puts in to producing, creating and selecting the very best sounds from that particular part of the world. Incidentally, this cold feeling towards South American music that I had previously upheld was somewhat defrosted at the recent launch party for the Sofrito International Soundclash LP. When Will Holland and the Ondatropica gang came – played live over some of the meanest, rawest Cumbia dub-plates around – and subsequently conquered, my previous pre-conceptions were given a rigorous examination, if not completely demolished.

Anyway you can download the mix from the link here directly, or check out the previous link to the Paris DJs site for more info. There is also no track list for the mix.  


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