Owiny Sigoma – Magret Aloor

If you missed the first slice of new material from Owiny Sigoma Band last month, you should head here to catch up. If you did hear ‘Owiny Techno’, you will  no doubt be eager to hear if the rest of the second LP is to take the same amount of inspiration from the dancefloor. Well the wait is over, and you may/may not be happy/sad to hear that ‘Magret Aloor’ is more closely related to previous Owiny material than Owiny Techno.

Having said that what makes this track stand out from the material on the first LP is a more elaborate arrangement. Most importantly the depth in the track shows growth in the songwriting, and portrays a closer understanding between the musicians involved (which is completely understandable). Perhaps the biggest compliment that can be paid to Jesse and co. is the fact that Owiny Sigoma really are starting to feel like the ‘band’ they aspire to being, rather than just an eclectic side project. Check it out below, and input your email for a free download.

There is also an interview with Jesse Hackett over at Okay Africa kicking about, where he discusses the creative process, influences and attitudes involved in the forthcoming second album.


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