Owiny Sigoma Band – Harpoon Land (Hello Skinny Remix)

Tom Skinner (AKA Hello Skinny) is perhaps positioned better than most to put together a remix of any Owiny Sigoma Band track, mainly due to the fact that he’s the bands drummer. Not only that this is an extremely accomplished musician with many fingers in a variety of pies, including his own LP which was released last year.

This remix of Harpoon Land is a sparse, progressive take on the original which evolves slowly throughout its duration. With the focus being very much on the bassline an it’s meandering style, the vocals are stripped back to let the instrumentation speak for itself. As with the original, the African influences brought to the project by the members involved in the collaboration takes a step back. However there is still a fairly unorthodox element to the structure which is no bad thing – quite the opposite in fact.

Check out the track below, and if you haven’t got either Owiny Sigoma LP, pull yourself together.


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