Ngozi Family – Day of Judgement

Ngozi_Family_Day_Of_Judgement_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogNow Again Records is the subsidiary of the mighty Stones Throw records that releases (and re-releases) an intimidatingly deep array of records from all over the world. Covering an extensive timespan, their back catalogue is a sight to behold.

One of their most recent reissues is a compilation focusing on the Zamrock-punk-crossover style of Paul Ngozi who also recorded as the Ngozi Family. Whilst you can read more info about the release in much more detail here, to know that Paul Ngozi’s debut was released in 1976 at the height of Zamrock’s popularity and creativity should be enough for you to check the label and release out.

Before you click on either of the links above, have a go on the track below. Taken from the ‘Day of Judgement’ LP, ‘Hi Babe’ is as tough a slice of Zambia’s finest export as you could wish for. You can hear the western funk and glam rock influences in each repetition of the disgusting guitar riff, which no matter how many times is repeated, never tires.


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