Moreno Veloso – Coisa Boia

Moreno_Veloso_Luaka_Bop_Coisa_Boa_Em_Todo_Lugar_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogFollowing on from bringing us some of the most incredible releases from the last couple of years, Luaka Bop returned last week with the first album in 11 years from Brazilian musician and singer Moreno Veloso. Directly translated as ‘Good Thing’, ‘Coisa Boia’ is the (apparently) long awaited return from the son of ‘the’ Caetano (Veloso). I say that, because I would be first to put my hand up in resignation that my knowledge of either father or son is not what it could – or should be. Any naivety around the matter is being rectified with as much urgency as I can muster, starting with the return of Veloso Jr.

The cynics among us might claim that lead single ‘Em Todo Lugar’ (‘Everywhere’) arrived a couple of months too late following on from Brazil’s moment in the spotlight. However that doesn’t stop it being a wonderfully composed slice of the most blissful and impeccable Brasilia you will have been subject to all summer. The full LP – whilst being slightly less animated than ‘Em Todo Lugar’ – is a wonderfully recorded piece of music, done so in 9 different locations involving 50 people, 30 of whom recorded contributions.

You can find out more about the man and his record, as well as how to get your own copy, over at the Luaka Bop site. Having said that if you aren’t instantly tempted into doing so, check out the aforementioned single below.



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