Mo Kolours – Mike Black

Mo_Kolours_Mike_Black_Tumble_Weave_Tumbleweave_BlogFollowing a hiatus after the third of three EP’s on One Handed Music, Mo Kolours is back with a new single. London’s favourite Mauritian has offered up ‘Mike Black’, and if it is to be considered as an indication of future movements then we are in for a treat.

It still has the rumbling, tribal groove. It still has the subtle, progressive structure. It also still has the deep sensation of funk that is so synonymous with his previous output.What is new though is a more structured, perhaps ‘pop’ feel behind the vocals and the way in which they are structured. In no way is that meant as a negative slant on the track, the more accessible feel is a welcome addition to a style that could previously have been perceived as slightly inaccessible to those not interested enough to give the first 3 EP’s the patience they so thoroughly deserved.

There is also news of a debut LP due for a March release (with a short trailer below), but more on that when the time comes. For now you can pre-order the album and buy the single over at his bandcamp page right now for the princely sum of 50 English pence.

Welcome back Mo. We’ve missed you.


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