Mestre Cupijó – Siriá (Mingau de Açai)

Siriá_Mestre_Cupijó_e_seu_Ritmo_Tumble_Weave_Tumblewaeve_Analog_AfricaIt would be futile to try and explain the history, culture and origins of the next release on the wonderful Analog Africa label. There is a press release  on the label’s soundcloud page that spells out the compilation’s context in a fascinating amount of detail. For now just prepare yourself for a collection of tracks from an artist regarded as the pioneer of a whole genre.

Siriá music has its origins in northern Brazil, and the man they call Mestre Cupijó is the undisputed father of the style in its modern form. Having recorded 6 studio albums before his death in 2012, his life’s work has been carefully compiled into the forthcoming compilation named after ‘his’ genre.

Due out in April (2014) on the ever inspiring Analog Africa label (Facebook page here), the boisterous and infectious ‘Mingau de Açai’ has been made available as a teaser for the full release. Although this is the only track providing an insight into the nature of the release (and genre it represents), this particular compilation is one not to be missed.


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