Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri – Gawlo

Mark Ernestus is on fire right now. His Jeri-Jeri project is thrashing out releases of the very highest quality at a rate that is proving pretty tricky to keep up with. Following on from vocal appearances from some relative unknowns throughout the series so far (Mbene Diatta Seck and Ale & Khadim Mboup to name but a few) he has now begun to roll out the big boys.

‘Gawlo’ – released today – sees the addition of the mighty Baaba Maal. Backed with the melodic, bass driven ‘Lignou Mome’ and Sabar led Ndeye Gueye (featuring the seemingly infamous Doudou N’Diaye Rose) this release is instantly pitched up there with the best of its predecessors.

Slotted over on the Ndagga website between the news of European live dates in June (none in the UK unfortunately) and the announcement of two full length LP’s – ‘Ndagga Versions‘ and ‘800% Ndagga‘ – there is a video for Gawlo featuring Baaba Maal himsel, Modou Mbaye (tama drum), Fatou Mboup and the incredible ‘Sidy Diop’ (dancers).

You can also watch videos that appear to have been shot during the recording of the project. Interspersed with footage of the locals and studio environment, they really are an incredible insight into what is a mindblowing set of recordings. The fact that this music is being made right now, and mastered in such an honest way with such integrity, really is a special thing. These are just two of them.


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