Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri – Casamance

Mark Ernestus’ ‘Jeri-Jeri’ project is one of my favourite series of releases in recent history. Seemingly ongoing, the material is all based around productions of Mbalax music recorded in Senegal by Mark himself. The first two parts of the (here and here) are staples in my own collection, whether it be in my headphones or on the decks. The news that the third part is on its way is therefore extremely well received.

This time round the tracks feature vocals from both Mbene Diatta Seck (who also featured on ‘Xale’) and Ale & Khadim Mboup (who I believe are being heard on the Jeri-Jeri tracks for the first time). As previously, the tracks are totally addictive, incessant, complex percussive rhythms with the tracks taking their time to evolve and mature.

Incidentally, the title track is named after a region of Senegal/Gambia, including the vast Casamance river. What that means I don’t quite know, but make of it what you will. You can check out samples of each track over at the Hard Wax website, which should be just what you need to go all out and pick up a 12″.

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri

A1 – Casamance (with Ale & Khadim Mboup)
A2 – Sama Yaye (with Mbene Diatta Seck)
B1 – Casamance Version
B2 – Sama Yaye Version


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