Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri – Bamba

After a slight lull in the programme, there have now been two Jeri Jeri releases in quick succession. Hot on the heels of ‘Casamance’, Bamba was out earlier this month. In a marked change of direction from every other release in the series, 3 of the 4 tracks on this release are of a lower tempo. Could this then mean that a less frantic pace might make the tracks easier on the listeners ear?

‘Bamba’ apparently forms the center piece of any Jeri-Jeri live set, something which can be envisaged even on the first listen. The idea of embellishment on the theme, and a steady growth throughout is immediately present.

To the unfamiliar ear, the Jeri-Jeri tracks might sound intimidating upon discovery. Even though this is not necessarily the case, here’s hoping that ‘Bamba’ is the release that causes the project to acquire the number of listeners it deserves.

Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri

A1: Bamba (with Mbene Diatta Seck, Ale & Khadim Mboup)
A2: Walo
B1: Bamba Version
B2: Leumbeul


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