Mala – The Tunnel

Following on from the previews of the first two tracks released as a result of Mala’s trip to Cuba, a third has been made available by the man himself. ‘The Tunnel’ is another album track to be taken from the appropriately titled ‘Mala in Cuba’. 

After a few initial listens and a look at the general public reaction to the leaked track, initial impressions suggest that it is far less ambitious than either ‘Cuba Electronina’ or ‘Calle F’. Where its predecessors seemed to have been much more ambitious with regards to incorporating the recordings made in Cuba, ‘The Tunnel’ is a much more straightforward affair which relies heavily on the the relatively basic style of ‘wobble’ bassline that has become so synonymous with what was originally recognised as Dubstep.

However, things are not quite as clear cut as they might initially seem with ‘The Tunnel’. After around 3 minutes of an almost monotonous bassline, a piano sample is introduced into the fold that turns the track on its head completely. Bringing a slice of intelligence and taste that had not been heard until that point in proceedings, the deep left-hand riff rescues the tune completely.

As mentioned in the previous post you can pre-order the ‘Mala in Cuba’ LP via the albums very own website, and the double A side single featuring ‘Cuba Electronica’ and ‘Calle F’ is out now.


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