Mala in Cuba

As you may already be aware, Mala travelled with Gilles Peterson to Cuba last year for the recording of the second Havana Cultura sessions and returned with material that will now seemingly form the foundations of ‘Mala in Cuba’. After apparently being reluctant to even go along once invited (check more details from an interview he did with Fact magazine here) the Dubstep producer eventually decided that ”something felt right” about the invitation from Brownswood.

The first track to be made available from the LP was ‘Cuba Electronic’, an arrangement that seems to find its foundations as a more traditional Dubstep number. There are obviously elements of the track that incorporate the Cuban percussion that was recorded at the time, however the second taster from the album (entitled ‘Calle F’) is a much more experimental and ambitious take on things.

Opening with a (somewhat) typical piano hook, the track then evolves in an ambient fashion, incorporating both the Cuban recordings and Mala’s established beat-driven sound. With the inclusion of a brass section, and the sporadic, subtle beats that feature in the majority of the producers work, it seems to be a much more adventurous use of the recordings made on the trip.

You can check out ‘Calle F’ below, and as mentioned you can read more about the project in an interview with Mala via Fact magazine here (more of which is due to be published later this week). The album will be released on 10th September via Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label, and will also be preceded by a 12” featuring both tracks mentioned above on 6th August.


The track listing for the album is now available – see below. Additionally, there is now an interview with Gilles Peterson and Mala that was recorded at the recent listening party in London by Fact Magazine, including a lovely story about how the horn section on ‘Calle F’ (above) originated at a house party in Cuba.

Mala in Cuba:

01. Introduction
02. Mulata
03. Tribal
04. Changuito
05. Revolution
06. Como Como feat. Dreiser & Sexto Sentido
07. Cuba Electronic
08. The Tunnel
09. Ghost
10. Curfew
11. The Tourist
12. Change
13. Calle F
14. Noches Sueños feat. Danay Suarez


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