Larry Achiampong – Meh Mogya (A Sample of Me)

I have had my copy of this LP tucked away for some time now, and although I listened to it on its release it is only recently that I came to fully appreciate what was going on, and how successfully the project ended up being. The idea behind the LP is a collection of hip-hop tracks that have been constructed using a huge selection of samples taken from many different highlife tracks, some recognisable, others not.

Larry Achiampong (AKA Black Pho3nix) graduated with a Masters in Sculpture back in 2008, and went on to release Meh Mogya (Sample of Me) on 5th September 2010. In his own words:

” ‘Meh Mogya’ or ‘My Blood’ (when translated from Twi/Akan – a principal native language of Ghana) to English symbolises my intention to build a beat tape that focuses on the Ghanian musical genre known as Highlife, in particularly, music produced between the 1960s and the 1980s… ”

My initial impressions of both the albums style and delivery as a whole were far too disjointed, to the extent that songs did not feel structured and the tracklist almost made no sense. However I was either unprepared or just plain ignorant because after some time off and a few repeat listens, I am a massive fan of what is going on.

Some of the tracks make more sense than others – more specifically it helps when it is possible to hear where the samples begin and end, and have been chopped/manipulated. There are also a few moments where songs are almost given their own chord structure, and the sensation of experiencing a key change or movement purely through samples of highlife guitar is something I have begun to appreciate more and more (Tracks such as ‘Community’, ‘Palm Wine’ and ‘KWAME’ are good examples of this).

Anyway you can bypass my own ignorance/opinion and get the album via the link below. The digital version is available via a ‘name your price’ arrangement on Bandcamp, however you can also pick up one of 200 vinyl copies via Honest Jons if you are lucky. Enjoy…


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  1. INNA DI MOOD Podcast · January 5, 2012 Reply

    Great !
    Remind me strongly the project album of Quetzal :

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