Kiki Gyan – Disco Dancer (24 Hours in a Disco)

Two words that get me going when it comes to music; ‘Ghana’, and ‘Disco’. Listening on my own at home usually ends up reverting to some derivative of Highlife, and a night out should definitely involve a slice of Disco or two. Before I had even clicked on the ‘play’ button, I was ever so slightly excited.
There is only one track currently available from the ’24 Hours in a Disco’, with the full LP being due for release on 3rd December. A chunky portion of the most positive disco goodness you will have heard in a while, the 7 minute ‘Disco Dancer’ does not disappoint. Kofi Kwarko (‘Kiki’) Gyan’s voice is as silky smooth as can be, and is helped by the fact that each element of the arrangement doesn’t come anywhere close to letting him down.
There is also an interesting tale behind the artist, more of which you can read about over at the labels website. For now though, you will have to do as I have, and keep clicking that button.
24 Hours in a Disco
Kiki Gyan
1. Disco Dancer – Kiki Gyan
2. 24 Hours In A Disco – Kiki Gyan
3. Keep On Dancing – Kiki Gyan
4. Disco Train – K G Band
5. Pretty Pretty Girls – The Twins
6. Sexy Dancer – Kiki Gyan
7. 4Loving You – K G Band
A1 Disco Dancer – Kiki Gyan
A2 Hours In A Disco – Kiki Gyan
B1 Keep On Dancing – Kiki Gyan
B2 Loving You – K G Band
C1 Pretty Pretty Girls – The Twins
C2 Sexy Dancer – Kiki Gyan
D1 Disco Train – K G Band


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