Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings from the 1970s & ‘80s

For those of you familiar with the Soundway ‘…Special’ series, you will probably be aware of the releases success. Following on from the re-issues that have to date focused on Highlife and Afrobeat output from 70s Nigeria and Ghana respectively, the next installment will soon be upon us.

Kenya Special‘ (East African Recordings from the 1970s & ‘80s) has been announced for release at the end of April. Bearing in mind Kenya’s diverse linguistic and musical heritage, a selection focusing on this part of East Africa is likely to be pretty diverse.

”From Kikuyu language ‘liquid soul’, Luo benga and Swahili afrobeat to genre-bending Congolese and Tanzanian tracks recorded in Nairobi, Kenya Special sees Soundway yet again taking the less trodden path. Many of the tracks featured here are peppered with innovation and experimentation highlighting how diverse the music scene in Kenya was at the time” 

One (very lively) track has been made available to accompany the press release, and if ‘Ware Wa’ can be used as a barometer for the release, things are about to get heavy.

You can pre-order the release in a multitude of formats (with alternative track lists for each) over at the Soundway site right now. Have a listen to the sampler below, and do the right thing. I for one am particularly excited about this one.


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