Jyotsna Srikanth – Call Of Bangalore

There are many elements of this album which will no doubt educate the western listener, however to place the accent on the unfamiliar nature would be doing an injustice to the quality of the playing on display. To put it simply, ‘Call of Bangalore’ is almost entirely focused around the violin playing of practising pathologist Dr Jyotsna Srikanth.

The term Carnatic music is apparently one the album conforms to, or at least is inspired by. Accompanied by just simple, traditional percussion, the 6 track LP (it is perhaps only entitled to be referred to as such because of the 40 minute marathon ‘Brovabarama’) is as intriguing as it is skilled.

You can find much more information about Jyotsna quite easily, but if this is the first time you have come across her name, just click play on the link below. Whilst this may not be one for the faint hearted, album opener ‘Varnam’ is a concise summary of the incredible abilities and adventurous nature at the heart of the album.

Thanks to World Music Network for the link and heads up.


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