Jimi Tenor & Kabukabu – The Mystery Of Aether

I don’t know much at all about Jimi Tenor. A quick search online resulting in numerous articles containing words such as cosmic, spiritual and esoteric. Tenor is a Finnish jazz musician who has been releasing music since the late 80’s and has collaborated with artists such as Tony Allen (on the 4th part of the ‘Inspiration Information’ series on Strut) and ‘Kabukabu‘. ‘The Mystery of Aether’ is his 3rd release with the Berlin based Afrobeat collective.

This LP was brought to my attention yet again by Gilles Peterson on his (now 3 hour long) weekly radio show on BBC 6 music. As part of a new feature focusing on a specific release, ‘The Mystery of Aether’ featured recently and immediately struck me as being essential listening.

The album seems to be comprised of several elements, mainly a combination between more ‘traditional’ spiritual/esoteric Jazz, with the inevitable African influence from Kabukabu throughout. It is also apparently in part a homage to Sun-Ra, “condensing the Arkestra’s galactic space-walks into taut afro-cuban work-outs underpinning Jimi’s trademark melodies and brass harmonics”. Interpret that as you will.

You can check out samples of each track over at the Kindred Spirits website, but do try and get yourself a copy of the full release. For me at least it seems to be a timely summary of my recent listening habits, combining the spiritual Jazz I seem to have found myself obsessing over with the long standing Afro/Highlife influences that dictate so much of the material on this blog. Furthermore, I defy you not to be moved in some way by at least a couple of tracks on the LP, with ‘Dance of the Planets’ in particular being one of my favourite arrangements I have heard in a good while.

Jimi Tenor – The Mystery of Aether

Kindred Spirits
4th October 2012
1. Selvanakija
2. Africa Kingdom
3. Suite Meets
4. Dance of the Planets
5. Curtain of Steel
6. Starstuff
7. Universal Love
8. Resonate and Be
9. AfroEuropean
10. Eternal Mystery



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