Jaimeo Brown – Transendence

This is an album which may not immediately sit that naturally with the music posted her, but the influences and level of execution warrant its inclusion. Jaimeo Brown is first and foremost a jazz drummer, and although this is my first encounter with him it is immediately apparent that his talents are not limited to the sticks.

The basic idea behind ‘Transendence’ is the embellishment of early spiritual vocal samples from across Africa, Asia and America. However that brief attempt at a summary does not do any justice to the intricate, delicate, and emotive results that are produced. The addition of saxophonist JD Allen and guitarist Chris Sholar to the arrangement – all orchestrated by Jamieo Brown himself on drums – is an inspired approach.

Whilst the album’s structure may appear to be nothing but freeform on the initial listens, there are underlying elements in each of the samples that dictate the direction of each track and result in a type of ‘Jazz’ that is as refreshing as it is ingenious. Perhaps the easiest track to relate to is ‘Power of God’, however album finale ‘This World Ain’t My Home’ is an equally solid representation of the approach. Incidentally, you can check out a video of ‘This World…’ below. Enjoy.


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