Invasion of the Mysteron Killer Sounds

This album was released almost 4 weeks ago now, but the last thing I wanted to do was to start recommending something that I hadn’t properly taken on board. Being a 2-disc release and containing 35+ tracks, I knew it would take some time (and many tube journeys) to immerse myself properly in this compilation of all things digital in the land of dub/reggae.

The compilation was put together by Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) and Stuart Baker (of the mighty Soul Jazz Records – the label on which the compilation was released) and to say I was excited is an understatement. There are several big producers (both ‘old’ and ‘new’) that contribute to the 2CD compilation, notably some more classic names such as TippaIrie, King Tubby, Sly Dunbar (of Sly & Robbie fame), as well as some more modern artists (Redlight, Diplo, and the mighty Roots Manuva – with Ricky Rankin).

One of the main reasons I came across the release was through a specific track which is still like nothing I have ever heard. Despite the original being 12 years old, Steely & Clevie’s Streetsweeper riddim gets me going every time I hear it. The way the triplets in the ‘standard’ dancehall style have been straightened out to become so regimented works so well…

Get your own copy in whatever format you prefer right now from Soul Jazz Records.


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